Epidemiology for discovery research & early development

Observational evidence provided by pharmacoepidemiologists is routinely used by industry, regulators and payers to provide context and to inform decision-making for approved drugs or those in the later stages of development. If applied to discovery research & early development, can such approaches also help to reduce development times, improve success rates, and offer solutions that provide true value to patients? This talk will address the opportunities and challenges of using epidemiology to inform early “reasons to believe”, including: 1) quantification of unmet need; 2) ensuring an appropriate evidence development plan; and 3) increasing confidence in the pathophysiological relevance of the target.

About the speaker
Alex Thompson

Alex leads the Strategic Epidemiology function at UCB Pharma. Strategic epidemiology provides insights from observational evidence to help create value for patients, focusing on the earlier stages of discovery research and early clinical development. Prior to joining UCB, he worked at Roche and did his Masters in epidemiology and PhD in molecular epidemiology at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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